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Zoho Books

Current and overdue receivables/payables and cash flow appear at the top in both numbers and graphs. Below that is a customizable chart comparing income and expenses, and an accounting of your top expenses.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books allows you to invite multiple users and share real time information. You can invite colleagues and assign them specific role based access to specific modules. This way you and your team can be in sync with the same up to date information to increase accuracy and productivity. NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date.

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There’s still more to do in the site’s Preferences section. Here you encounter is a massive list with several sub-lists. No other small business accounting website breaks down its functions for setup in this much detail, because no other site I reviewed is as flexible or feature-rich.

With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions. • Create as many accounts as you want online and post entries for your daily accounting transactions. Take it a step farther with automation as you can set reorder levels and get alerts before you run out of stock. You can even select a preferred vendor for when reordering needs to happen. When an item needs reordering you can then quickly send a purchase order to that vendor. New users can try out a 14-day free trial of Zoho Books’ Premium plan, the highest-tier plan with the most features, before subscribing.

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Radha Vembu, Shridhar Vembu’s sister, owns a majority stake in the company. Xero provides three plans taking into account your company or team size, and provides these plans with different prices. The payables functionality module in Zoho Books will help create, send, and manage bills. Free trial of the professional plan if you want to test the extra features. Bill per length of time, such as a contractor with an hourly billing rate. Bills can be one-time or recurring, include landed costs, and you can send them for extra approval, so everyone is on board. If needed, go to purchase orders to convert them straight to a bill.

Zoho also has a mobile app that supports more devices than most accounting software vendors do. Zoho Books offers more transaction types and more flexible forms than any other small business accounting app I’ve reviewed. Beyond the standard sales forms that competitors support, it includes retainer invoices, delivery notes, and packing slips. Invoices can contain fields for shipping charges and adjustments in addition to discounts and sales tax. Purchase transactions—expenses, bills, purchase orders, and so on—are similarly detailed and flexible.

  • Your clients can view your comments in the portal, and they can reply back to you through the Comments section.
  • Initiate chat sessions with other users in Zoho Books using Zoho Cliq’s chat bar.
  • Below that is a customizable chart comparing income and expenses, and an accounting of your top expenses.
  • Confirm you’d like to revoke access to your Square account.
  • You can even select a preferred vendor for when reordering needs to happen.
  • Zoho Books is loaded with many useful features that small businesses can use to automate different business workflows, including bank reconciliation and recurring invoices.

You can then add a budget, additional users, and individual tasks, as well as up to 46 custom fields. Each project has its own homepage, from which you can add hours worked and view lists of related purchases and sales. You can quickly see whether all billable hours have been billed; where you stand with your budget; and your profitability. You can require approvals by the project manager or client and set a maximum number of hours per day that can be logged. No other small business accounting website offers this kind of project depth and customizability. Zoho Corporation is not a dedicated financial services company like Intuit is. Instead, it’s a developer of cloud-based apps for businesses.

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Set up your taxes before you make a sale, figure out your sales tax liability, track contractor payments for 1099 preparation, and integrate with industry standard Avalara AvaTax. Zoho Books is designed to help your business connect across multiple platforms. Extend your accounting with a library of more than 300 business apps via Zapier, or take advantage of built-in connections with other apps in the Zoho suite. Yes, the Zoho Books mobile accounting app supports both one-time and recurring transactions. No, you cannot currently edit the templates from the mobile accounting app. However, you have the option to choose a template from our gallery of templates in the mobile app, and later edit it using the web app.

  • Zoho Books is available under three standard pricing plans that are offered on a monthly or yearly basis .
  • You can also contact experts via chat, phone, and email, but Zoho Books does not have the massive network of experts at its disposal that QuickBooks and Xero have built up over the years.
  • As your business grows, add more of Zoho’s 40+ apps to help you manage and run every aspect of your business from wherever you are.
  • For an additional fee, you can set up additional users and give them only the access needed for their role.

You could spend hours of your day working on getting past a glitch or you could get everything done efficiently and in one go. This is even more important for accounting, where the smallest error could lead to a world of trouble! To make sure you don’t go DOWN THIS RABBIT HOLE, choosing the right accounting software for your business is extremely important. Effectively, if you have a 3rd party accounting system you may want to use Zoho Invoice for sending out invoices and getting paid. If you plan to use Zoho Books as your main accounting platform then you don’t need to use Zoho Invoice as Zoho Books has everything Zoho Invoice has.

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Handle customer refunds and returns efficiently by creating credit notes. Invite your accountants to review your numbers right from the comfort of their homes or offices. Record expenses and bills and categorize them right from your iPhone. GPS and Apple Maps easily track the distance you travel and convert it into an expense. Create and send personalized invoices that reflect your brand. Capture every detail of your sales and set the right expectations with clear-cut estimates.

It means that Zoho Books customers in all 50 states can get excellent integrated payroll capabilities. You have to sign up for SurePayroll, of course, but all the necessary payroll data moves from SurePayroll to Zoho Books seamlessly. Sure Payroll costs $29.99 per month, plus $5 per employee per month for the Full Service plan, and less for a Self Service plan.

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This plan can accommodate small businesses with the most needs, especially for customized workflows and a greater level of automation. This being said, however, if you want to add another user to your account, you can purchase a user add-on, for $2.50 per user per month. With four tiered versions and add-on options, Zoho Books can grow with your company, allowing you to upgrade and accommodate your business’s expansion. Tableau Connectors Fully-integrated Tableau Connectors with real-time data access. Power BI Connectors Fully-integrated Power BI Connectors with real-time data access .

Zoho Books

You can manage up to 50,000 invoices, reconcile transactions, create invoices, track mileage and expenses, and manage projects and timesheets. A sole proprietor might have some trouble navigating its mature, flexible feature set.

Small business owners can create profit and loss statements and balance sheets to monitor the financial health of their business. Create partial invoices for a customer to approve if they’ve ordered more units than you currently have in stock. On the other hand, you can convert this kind of sales invoice into a purchase order so you can get those units as fast as possible. Auto-scans cost $8 per month for 50 This add-on feature scans the documents you upload – such as receipts or vendor invoices – and uses the data to create new transactions.

Tabs here open other types of related content, like Transactions , Mails , and Statements. Part of the setup involves creating records for contacts and items. You can do it as you go, but it takes less time to create transaction forms if you set them up early on. You can, of course, enter everything manually, but why would you when there’s little data you can’t import into Zoho Books.

It uses SSL encryption, two-factor authentication for users, and complies with various regional data protection regulations. You can drag-and-drop files here, sort them based on numerous parameters, arrange them in folders, and set permissions. Furthermore, you can share a file or folder with anyone via email invite.

If you choose to pay annually rather than monthly, you receive a discounted rate. This affordable accounting software lets you create, send, and track invoices and is extremely easy to use. Although you can expect the features discussed above as part of your Zoho Books accounting software, the ultimate capabilities you receive will depend on which of their four plans you choose. This being said, let’s explore each of these plans, their pricing, and what accounting tools and functionalities they offer. Is the Zoho Books accounting software right for your business? I can quickly generate reports to check performance of the company and individual employees and I can track business expenses. The best part is also that I can easily link the app to my bank to reconcile what is in the bank with what is on Zoho book.

Zoho automatically crosses off paid invoices as soon as the customer pays. You can link items billed to vendors with the customers who purchased them. The item is then already available to add to the customer invoice when you create it. Zoho Books operates a client portal that enables you and your customers to collaborate in real time online.